Rigid coupling

We are Ever-power Transmission, a high name among Gear coupling Exporters? in India. We manufacture the finest quality rigid couplings for specific applications in a number of industries. Our clients choose us for the unmatched precision and strength that our products exhibit.
The Rigid Coupling is a high performance, strong product made to align or join shafts within a motor or mechanical system and in many other suitable applications. When devices are working in low torque, rigid couplings ensure precision alignment and therefore negating any quantity of backlash. As the very best?Rigid Coupling Manufacturers?offer gear coupling produced from high strength metal. Each of the items is tested diligently to make sure theistrongr powerful and accuracy. Our Rigid Couplings are really useful in large level manufacturing industries where accuracy shaft alignment is vital.
Being a observed Rigid Coupling Manufacturers? ensure our products are low on maintenance, durable and meet all industry coupling China criteria. As our Rigid Couplings are easy to install and easy to adjust, they will be the top choice for our clients.


1.0 Introduction

Couplings are divided into types: Rigid and Flexible. As compared with versatile couplings, rigid couplings have limited program. Rigid couplings do not have the capability to compensate for shaft misalignments and so are as a result used where shafts are already positioned in specific lateral and angular alignment. Any misalignment between shafts will create high stresses and support bearing loads.

Rigid couplings by virtue of their basic rugged design are usually able to transmit even more power than flexible couplings of comparable size but this is simply not a significant advantage except in high hp applications.