EP brand replacement gearbox for woods rotary gearbox

EP manufacturer substitute gearbox for woods rotary gearbox

NEW 40 HP GEARBOX Clean Input one three/eight twelve spline output Interchangable with market popular measurement i.e.: OMNI GRIZZLEY CHEETAH HOWSE KING KUTTER BUSH HOG HICO SILVER EDGE Several Far more

(one) brand name new forty five horse energy shearpin gearbox. This gearbox matches many different can make of 4′,5′ and some 6′ rotary cutters. I promote a great deal of these containers each yr for several diverse applications and have ALL Replacement Areas for this box, but hopefully you will not have to be concerned about that.
Here are the specs on the box:
*forty five horse power gearbox
*Common one-3/8″ clean input shaft(exactly where the pto shaft hooks on). The pto shaft is held on by a one/two shearbolt.
*size of the input shaft out of the gearbox is 3″ prolonged
*bolt hole sample for mounting is on the corners, 4-3/four middle of hole to center of gap. It requires a 5/8″ bolt.
*twelve splined output shaft(in which the blade provider hooks up on the bottom)
*one-nine/sixteen outside measurement over the output shaft splines- from the base of the output cap to the conclude of the splines is two-3/4″ long- all round length of the output shaft is 4-one/2″ long.
*normally takes a 1″ threaded castle nut and a carter crucial on the base of the output shaft to safe blade pan(NUT is incorporated – – BLADE PAN IS NOT!!)
*general height of the box from the leading of the mower deck to the top of the box is 9-1/two”
This is a relatively large merchandise (forty seven lbs.) so freight is not inexpensive, but we do not make anything off of freight, whatsoever ups costs us we cost you.
forty HP
1:one:forty seven Ratio
1-3/eight” Easy Input Shaft with Shear Pin Gap
1-1/two” 12-Spline Ouput Shaft
Bolt Sample: 6-1/two” (4) five/eight” Holes, five” Centre Hole Necessary for Shaft Assembly
The Input and Output Shafts Cannot be Acquired Serparately.
They are Sold as a kit.
The package includes the pursuing parts: enter shaft, input gear, output shaft, output gear.
The Shaft Package Cannot Be Separated.

EP brand name replacement gearbox for woods rotary gearbox

Rotary Cutter Gearbox Troubleshooting Information
Is your mower leaking, creaking or normally doing improperly? You’ve arrive to the proper spot.

Study under for the most frequent troubles with rotary cutter gearboxes and their remedies (from swift and filthy, to expert).

Leaking Base Seal:
If you have wrapped some baling or fencing wire around your output shaft and blown the seal, the specialist issue to do is to change the seal.
If your output seal is intact, and you are ready to get ID, OD and thickness measurements (in millimeters), most bearing residences can order you up a generic double-lip seal that will get you back up-and-managing. If not, give us a call and we can aid you type out what you need.
A dental pick is the simplest way to take away the previous seal ahead of pressing in the new one particular.
If you are blessed ample to have a gradual-leak, the quick and filthy technique is to run automotive-type grease in the gearbox till the new seal comes in. Be certain to check out and add grease more often than you would with oil, as this is NOT a expert mend.

Damaged Output Shaft:
Uh oh. You hit some thing that didn’t move. The excellent information is that the output shaft on most gearboxes is pretty easy to replace. The bad information is… it’s not often an isolated failure.
The 1st thing to do is to consider aside your gearbox and evaluate the full extent of the hurt. If it is truly just the output shaft, you need to be in a position to adjust it out, no difficulty. The output shafts begin at about $70 and go up in price relying on the dimension of the gearbox.
However, in most situations, the bearings ($20/ea), seals ($10/ea) and gear-set ($70) will also normally just take a beating. If you are unfortunate, the output cap ($eighty) will also endure some injury.
In this situation, it is typically cheaper to change the gearbox. Compare the price of areas to the price of an entire, new, warrantied gearbox. At times, even experts have to know when to get in touch with it a working day.

I Want to Modify my Enter Shaft:
If you are tired of changing shear pins or seeking back again and looking at that your mower hasn’t been chopping, you might want to put in a slip-clutch pto shaft (Sure, we promote people too).
This normally demands installing a 540-fashion, 6-spline input shaft ($85) on your mower’s gearbox.
Blessed for you, we did a write-up on our website. It’s named “How to change the input shaft on your rotary cutter gearbox”.

My Gearbox is Groaning/Creaking:
“Groaning”, “creaking”, or “popping” all audio kind-of equivalent over-the-mobile phone. The greatest factor to do is to disassemble your gearbox and take a search at the gears and bearings. The problem will generally current alone in the way of broken/missing gear enamel, toasted gears (like that photograph on our property page), or blown bearings.
If every thing seems to be regular, try adjusting the equipment-mesh. This is carried out with the mylar “gaskets” that sit in between the main gearbox scenario and the enter/output caps. Consider including or taking away some of these spacers right up until your gears have about 1/8″-1/four” of cost-free play. Experts can order replacements ($one-2) in various thicknesses, but we advocate the quick and dirty strategy of reducing your very own out of a sheet of mylar.
Never overlook to re-seal the gearbox with RTV right after you have discovered the right combination. Even although they’re referred to as “gaskets”, they will not likely seal your gearbox on their very own.

Interpump Gearbox For PTO Drive means different points to different people, so take a look at our definition.